Welcome to "Writing Strategies"  PRPE 086 during the spring of 2012.

This course is completely online and offers you the opportunity to improve your writing skills to help you be successful as you continue your college education.

Please email me the email address that you check regularly.  This will be the email I will send your papers to once they are graded as well as correspond with you.

My email address I will check daily is:  leiteruaa@gmail.com

**Please do not email me at my UAA email account.  Oftentimes it doesn't work and I don't check it as often as my gmail account.

All assignments will be submitted to my online email address above.   What I really like about this, is that you can submit your assignments, I can look at them, offer suggestions (in red text) and send them back.

Assignment #1: Submit a brief paragraph of who you are along with the email you would like me to use to correspond with you and send it to: leiteruaa@gmail.com

As far as grading is concerned, I give points on papers rather than letter grades.  When you get a paper back, it will have comments and a score such as 18/20.  This means you received 18 out of the 20 points possible.

There will be times when you are allowed to fix problems on your paper and resubmit them, and there will be times when you cannot do this.  When I give you a chance to fix things, I will write at the bottom of your paper "redo".  This means you can fix things and resubmit the paper (a slight deduction in points will be taken for resubmissions).  WORK SUBMITTED MORE THAN ONE WEEK AFTER THE DUE DATE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Highlighted words and/or phrases mean that the phrase is confusing, awkward, or not written with proper grammar.  When a word is highlighted, it means that it is spelled wrong, or used incorrectly.  For instance, you may need to use the word "they're" and instead you type "there".  I will highlight the word to show there is a problem.  I will not always tell you what the problem is though.  You are all adults and can take the responsibility to discover the problem.

When submitting a paper, there is an opportunity to put a title in the subject of your assignment.  The subject line MUST read:  number of assignment, your name.
For example:  If I were to submit assignment 3.4, I would put in the subject line:
3.4, Gary Leiter

This is an incredible help to me.  If you choose not to follow these submission instructions, your paper will be returned ungraded until you do submit it the way I would like.  And a grade reduction will be given.  It's really not much to ask you to do for me, so thanks in advance.


Each Student Should Purchase:
Steps to Writing Well. Jean Wyrick, Tenth Edition, ISBN 1-4130-32303 or 978-1-4130-32307 (buy early since shipping can take up to 3 weeks)  Go to the following links about ordering textbooks (these sites have prices that are very affordable
DO NOT BUY any other edition except the 10th...even if someone tells you differently.  The 11th edition is the newest one and I don't use it because it is so stinkin' expensive.

**You CANNOT purchase this book at any UAA bookstore, you must buy it online.  Make sure you order the book early since we begin using it as soon as class begins.

Click on either link below to get the best price on the textbook:

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